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Zoll and Reflectance Medical Form Development Agreement to Incorporate Mobile CareGuide™ Sensor into Zoll Monitor/Defibrillators
April 2013
ZOLL Medical Corporation, a manufacturer of resuscitations devices announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Reflectance Medical Inc. to develop and market a ruggedized version of the Mobile CareGuide™ sensor for detecting onset of shock in patients during transport and hospitalizations.
News for Reflectance Medical
"This technology has promising applications for both military and EMS 
services and we anticipate this becoming a standard in evaluating the status of trauma patients." President of Zoll, Jonathan A. Rennert
Reflectance Medical receives FDA clearance for Mobile CareGuide™ 2100 and announces distribution agreement with Sotera Wireless

December 2012
Reflectance Medical announced that it has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for its 2nd generation product, the Mobile CareGuide™ 2100 Oximeter - a mobile, non-invasive, continuous monitor of muscle oxygen; designed to easily interface with a smart device or a patent monitor. Reflectance and Sotera Wireless also announced a non-exclusive distribution agreement.
“We’re very pleased that Sotera will be the first to integrate the Mobile CareGuide™ sensor into our patient monitoring platform. Combined with our other continuous vital sign measurements, the SmO2 sensor will add significant clinical value - especially during patient resuscitation.” CEO of Sotera Wireless, Tom Watlington
Reflectance Medical receives FDA clearance for CareGuide™ Oximeter​
July 2012
Reflectance Medical announced that it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the CareGuide™ Oximeter 1100 - a non-invasive, continuous monitor of muscle oxygen (SmO2).
CG 1100
CareGuide™ Validation Study Published
July 2013
The study "Validation of a spectroscopic sensor for the continuous, noninvasive measurement of muscle oxygen saturation and pH" was published in the peer-reviewed journal Physiological Measurement. The sensor was shown to have acceptable accuracy to support clinically relevant decision making. On human subjects measurements were equivalent on subjects with light and dark skin and over a range of fat thicknesses.
Ellerby et. al. Physiological Measurements, 34, (2013) 859-871.
The paper can be downloaded for free.
Reflectance Medical Receives FDA Clearance for Mobile CareGuide™ 3100 with the First-Ever Noninvasive pH sensor
July 2013
Reflectance Medical announced that it recevied 510(k) clearance for the battery-powered Multi-Parameter Mobile CareGuide™ 3100 which simultaneously and continually measures muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2) and pH (pHm). Reflectance Medical is the only company to offer technology that noninvasively measures pHm, an indicator of tissue acidosis.
Mobile CareGuide 3100 is the first product to provide continuous, noninvasive, real-time assessment of patient acid-base status.
Sotera® Wireless Acquires Reflectance Medical Inc.
February 2015
Sotera® Wireless, Inc. today announced its acquisition of Reflectance Medical Inc. (RMI), a privately held company that has developed first-of-its kind technology aimed at detecting potentially life threatening conditions in critically ill patients, including those who have suffered trauma injuries. The acquisition will broaden the range of patient parameters measured by Sotera’s ViSi Mobile® System and enable Sotera to expand into new healthcare settings in and outside of the hospital.